SI Invernizzi S.r.l.


Do you think there are still people who love blue mould today? Of course there are! Blue cheese is a precious gift handed down from one generation to another in the Invernizzi family, because we aim to protect Italian traditions from the danger of becoming extinct. We do like modernity and globalisation, yet we strive to preserve our valuable heritage and memories of bygone times. Relying on our daily commitment, a lovely old-style dairy and a sound, safe and healthy maturing process, we feel sure you too will fall in love with our delicious Si gorgonzola cheese and unique blue cheeses.

This is our pledge – a dairy started in the Valsassina pasture land as far back as 1920.

  • Si INVERNIZZI dairy processes about 40,000 lt cow’s milk a day in typical cauldrons using in-house grown ferments only.
  • UNI EN ISO 14001; UNI EN ISO 22000; BRC; IFS; ICEA organic farming certification; FDA validated.
Company: Si INVERNIZZI s.r.l.
VAT Code: 01731210033
Address: via per Romentino, 98 – Trecate (NO, Italy)
ZIP Code: 28069
Phone Number: +39.0321.783090
Fax: +39.0321.783105
Email: [email protected]
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